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Lara Balbo

- Quell'amore che le cose ci dimostrano quando operiamo in armonia con lo Spirito, bisognerebbe riuscire a farne la carne della nostra opera - Jacques Copeau


About me

Legnano is remembered for a famous battle between Federico Barbarossa’s imperial army and Lombard league’s troops on 29th May 1176…so, Lara was born in Legnago on a August afternoon in 1988. In Legnago, not in Legnano, there was only the battle that the poor Lara’s mother did to give birth to her: she was in labor for six hours… Lara liked so much the warmth of the mother’s womb, she loved sleeping a lot, and to this day too. Lara likes pizza, green color, the sea, not so much the mountain, very very very ice-cream. She loves to speak English an Spanish, she studied classic and modern dance since she was thirteen years old. When she graduated high school she left her home town to go to Rome to studying drama. In 2010 she debuted in “Love’s Labour’s lost” of William Shakespeare directed by Alvaro Piccardi, and she continued her professional acting career on the stage with Gigi Proietti, Claudio Bigagli, Edoardo Siravo, Paola Gassman, Stefano Fresi, Matteo Tarasco, Daniele Parisi, Loredana Scaramella. She acted at cinema in “Gli ultimi saranno ultimi”, a film by Massimiliano Bruno with Paola Cortellesi and Alessandro Gassman. Recently she has taken part in the successful fiction Rai “Don Matteo 11” and “A un passo dal cielo 5”, and now she is working in the fiction Rai “La strada di casa 2”.



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